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Sav-A-Life is dedicated to offering free pregnancy tests, parenting classes, post-abortive counseling, and Biblical Discipleship classes as a confidential service to women, men, and families facing an unplanned pregnancy. Sav-A-Life offers loving support, guidance, and hope through the Gospel for parents in crisis.
Sav-A-Life relies heavily on those committed to serving the hurting. If you have a passion to help men women and children, and the ability to sometimes see beyond the exterior to serve your local community, please contact us about becoming a volunteer.

Pregnancy testing and verification

Education on all pregnancy options  

To equip the client with all options

Emotional support from volunteer client advocates

Limited ultrasound and early prenatal care

Adoption education and referral

Biblical Discipleship education

Parenting education courses, including Fatherhood initiatives

Education on sexual integrity and building healthy relationships

Baby Boutique providing baby supplies to parenting

program participants

Referral for STD testing and treatment for men and women

STD information and emotional support

Post-abortion support and confidential services and classes

Resource and referral network for medical care, and other social services

Bibb Sav-A-Life

 P.O. Box 742

10 Hazel St.

Centreville, AL 35042